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Pork Barrel BBQ had the chance to taste perfection the other day – Wagshal’s Prime Smoked Brisket sandwich.  Bill Fuchs has spent the last two years of his life on a quest to perfect this recipe – the brisket cures for 55 days – and get this – he has done over 100 batches to test this recipe.  I’m not even sure if they carry this on the menu (yet) – but be sure to stop by Wagshal’s and ask when you can try this little bit of heaven!


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Pork Barrel BBQ is proud to announce that Wagshal’s, the premiere Washington D.C. butcher, market, deli and caterer now carries our award winning Pork Barrel BBQ Sauce and All American Spice Rub. We are very grateful and humbled that Bill, Brian and Aaron Fuchs, the owners of Wagshals, would carry our products. We are pretty crazy about BBQ, but I can honestly say that I’ve never ‘met people so committed to unique, high quality foods as the folks at Wagshal’s. They gave us a great tour, fed us smoked prime brisket sandwich (more on that in a future post), and sent us home with Iberico Pork to cook (they are the only place in the United States to offer Iberico pork). Here’s a shot of their deli managed by Brian Fuchs and his team:

Another shot of the deli:
Heath and Brian Fuchs looking at their special line of ready to eat gourmet foods:
They also have a huge catering operation, and are especially great at catering upscale weddings:

Here’s a shot inside their catering kitchen – be sure to note Bill Fuchs’ modified smoker in the corner (I was CRAZY jealous of it):

Oh, did I mention that they have some of the highest quality, unique cuts of meat in all of Washington D.C.? Here’s Heath and Aaron Fuchs with some great dry aged beef:

What is happiness? Having a great meal at Wagshal’s with Bill, Brian and Aaron Fuchs – be sure to visit them in Washington D.C. and learn all about them at http://www.Wagshals.com or visit them on twitter at http://www.twitter.com/wagshals

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